It’s lively and loud - if you thinkJesus is the ‘Lord of the Dance’, you’ll like this!

The show goes out live on each week from 10.00pm - Midnight on Wednesdays, repeated on Sundays from 9.30 - 11.30pm. Or you can listen to it anytime - just click the Listen Again button on the Schedule page of

NCCR is a community radio station, only available on the internet. That means that you can’t find it on your radio, but through the internet, on a PC tablet or phone you can get it anywhere in the world anytime you like.

The programme is also broadcast in Hawaii on Sunday mornings by MY95.9FM  - a secular dance radio station, based near Pearl Harbour.

You can follow the programme on Twitter - @gospelshow1 - it has more than 4,000 followers.


Internet Resources

There are now available on the Internet a whole range of sites that can provide excellent teaching resources.  Below we have listed a few, which should be of real help.  If you know of others that could be included do let us know.


Christianity Explored is a 7-week course, available on DVD, to enable us to explain the gospel to friends.  At St. David's we run the course once or twice each year.  But there is also a website with interviews, videos, and talks.  To go to the website click on  the picture.


The All Souls Tape Library contains thousands of sermons, on all different books of the Bible, and on a whole variety of themes, stretching back over 30 years - many are by the Revd. Dr. John Stott.  Tapes are free, although they are grateful for any donations to keep the work going.


A great store of  Bibles, Christian books, cards, study guides, DVDs, and all sorts of resources to help us in the Christian life is an excellent website  brought to you by UCCF, the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship.  It brings together some of the best possible resources to help you to understand, defend and communicate the Christian faith.


Tough Questions

Many people wrestle with questions about God - does He exist, why is there so much suffering, is there  a judgement?  If you click on the various subjects you will be directed to a number of videos seeking to give some sort of answer to those questions.  The answers are by no means exhaustive, and you will often want to go deeper into the subject, but they are a good starting-point.  

God and Suffering

Can I be sure?

Did Christ rise from the dead?

Science and God

Hell and a God of love

Does God exist?

What about other religions?

Can I trust the Bible?