The Taylors

The Taylors

Steve and Flor Taylor live in Bangkok, where Steve is the Dean of Bangkok Bible Seminary.  The Seminary was founded in 1969 after a group of Thai Christians and missionary leaders felt the need to establish a training college for preachers.  At that time there was little if any expository teaching and preaching of the Bible, and most churches had no adult eduation classes.  The vision of the College has always been to provide Biblically-based ministry training for all Thai Christians, regardeless of denominational affiliation.

The first group of students - five of them! - arrived in 1971, and now, nearly 40 years later, the college has some 640 former students serving God faithfully in all regions of the country, as well as others serving in neighbouring countries.

Of those 640 students:

  • 43% are pastors
  • 21% work for Christian organisations
  • 6% are Bible College teachers
  • 4% are missionaries or church planters
  • 6% are chaplains
  • 20% exercise independent ministries

The four major purposes of the college are:

1) To provide a comprehensive high-level Bible education for those who are called by God into the ministry.

2) To prepare able expositors of the Bile who will present the entire Word of god so that Christ's Church will be built up.

3) To grow together in discipleship leading to a deeper knowledge of Christ and a fuller experience of the Holy Spirit.

4) To model and teach the appplication of Christian truth to every area of life, to lead others to know Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, and to serve effectively in local churches and Christian organisations.