The Dixons

Matt and Amy Dixon, with Elia, Fin and Matilda, have been working in Tanzania for AIM since October 2011. They have been living in Morogoro, whilst Matt has been overseeing the building work at the Sanga Sanga Retreat Centre. They recently came back to the UK on furlough, after their second term of service, and the family returned to Morogoro in September 2017.

The Sanga Sanga Centre is intended to help train pastors in the rapidly growing Tanzanian church.  Matt is responsible for overseeing much of the building work.  So far a Retreat Centre - catering for around 15 people -  has been built and has been used to host a number of conferences, including English language courses, as well as the training of pastors.  The main conference centre was officially opened on November 15th 2016. It can cater for up to 200 people, and will include offices, a library, and other small meeting rooms. Additional accommodation has been built, and there are good washing / toilet facilities.

You can find out more about Matt and Amy's work, at Sanga, and in the local church, by following a blog they have set up -  

Wonderfully the Dixons had raised all the necessary funds for the next three years by the time they returned to Tanzania. They could not be in Morogoro without your support, so thank you for the part you are playing in this important ministry through your gifts and prayers.

For further information please contact Shonagh Avis on 654454.For recent update click here.