Friday Club

Friday Club is a group for all of retired age, and meets on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month at St. David’s Centre.  It begins at 2:30, when there are all sorts of activities to get involved in, or just a chance to share friendship together.  At around 3: 30 tea is served - sandwiches and a choice of cakes - and there is a short Thought for the Day.  The afternoon ends at 4:30.   We  also have guest speakers, or demonstrations and organise the odd day out.

We hold an annual Christmas Lunch  for about 70 people, with a great Christmas dinner, some carols and a short Christmas talk.   In April  we sometimes hold an Easter Lunch at the Centre, and last summer we held another of our Holiday Clubs.  The theme was "Going to the Races."  It included a visit to Jackdaw's Castle, the racing stables of Jonjo O'Neill, on the Thursday followed by lunch in a local hostelry.

For a normal Friday Club session, the cost is £2.50 a  session, and it is open for anyone who would wish to join us - churchgoers and non-churchgoers alike.   St. David’s Centre provides ideal facilities for such a group - different rooms for different activities, and an excellent and well-equipped kitchen. 

Our recent Holiday Club ran from August 6th to 8th, with a Garden theme. It also included a visit to Rousham Garden on the 7th. Pictures from the Holiday Club can be seen below.

For further details of Friday Club contact Claire Mason on 650063,  or ring the Church Office.