Baptism in St David’s

The birth of a child is always a wonderful event, and it makes us aware of the huge responsibilities we face as parents.  We want to ensure that the child is brought up in the best possible way, and has the best chances in life.  As part of this baptism can be an extremely important event.

We welcome any enquiries about baptism at St David's.  We would expect to make a number of visits to go over the meaning and significance of baptism, and also expect families to attend services regularly before the event itself to become familiar with the church and church family.

In this attachment we explain our baptism policy at greater length – how and when it is done.  But we also include a few words about a thanksgiving service.  Many couples now feel that they are unable at present to make the vows that form part of the baptism service, but still want to mark the birth of their child in some way - to thank God for the new life, and ask His protection upon the child.  Others feel more comfortable with adult baptism.  For these we offer the thanksgiving service explained in the attachment.